Google Daydream View – Virtual Reality Headset

We all know that VR is rapidly changing and entering a wide array of industries.

Google Daydream View VR headset is an excellent solution for people who want to enjoy in VR experience. However, the main disadvantage of VR gadgets is the expensive price tag, which means that you have to spare a small fortune to get them.

When compared Google Daydream View with the previous versions, the changes in design is minimal, so it is difficult to determine the difference between them.

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Google Daydream View Features

• Durable construction from breathable fabric for additional comfort
• 360-degrees panoramic view
• The perfect way to experience the world with VR features
• Great collection of games and apps
• Convenient controller
Google Daydream Virtual Reality Headset Review

Why Is Google Daydream View VR Headsets Popular?

It features tougher and harsher fabric than the first version, which is a way better solution because it will last longer after long periods of using.

You will also get an additional strap that goes over your head. This will help spread the weight balance of the headset, which will increase the comfort during the using. It uses a minimal amount of plastic when compared with previous version and transition to fabrics makes it comfortable to wear for more extended periods.

It is simple to setup, which is another advantage because you don’t have too many plugs to connect. You have to unclip the front portion and place the supported phone. It connects through NFC, which is an excellent process that works with high consistency. However, you must have Daydream apps and the latest version of Android that is compatible with it.

The previous version was problematic because it lacked compatible phones. However, today, you will be able to use it with most phones such as Asus, ZTE, Motorola, Samsung, Pixel and many more. However, it is not compatible with iOS devices.

When it comes to specifications, you will require Bluetooth 4.2 LE and screen size between 4.7 and 6 inches that can easily boast at least 1080p at 60Hz. The device has to be capable of rendering 60fps without any additional problem.

The most significant specification requirement is compatibility with devices that have OLED display, which means that phones with IPS LCDs are off the list. You can connect the phone to USB type-C port or 3.5mm jack.

Since the beginning of VR technology, the main downside was a small array of apps and games that you can watch and play through it. However, today, which changed because there is plenty of stuff that you can do with it. You can view premium streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, as well as great deal of games selections that you can enjoy playing.


• Lightweight and comfortable when compared with other VR headsets
• It is compatible with more devices than previous version
• Comes with additional strap for better weight balance


• It is compatible only with devices that have OLED display
• It is not compatible with iOS devices

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