DJI Goggles Review: 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone Accessory (Original Edition)

If you want to find the best FPV drone accessory that will give you the possibility to control the flying of your drone like you are a pilot, we recommend you to consider DJI Goggles 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone Accessory.

DJI Goggles are a Virtual Reality headset that looks similar to other headsets on the market. You have to place it on your head, and allow the display to be in the front of your face. This will provide you excellent comfort and possibility to use it for extended periods.

The best thing about it is the functionality, which is why most people who have drones use it as the standard choice. It uses OcuSync connection technology that will allow you to control drone such as Mavic Pro and to connect with it at great lengths.

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DJI Goggles 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone Accessory Features

• A pair of 1920×1080 HD screens that include head tracking feature that will provide you excellent flying experience
• High frame rate which is 720p at 60fps and 1080 at 30fps
• It has built-in antennas that will ensure 360-degrees of coverage
• It comes with goggles, headband, micro USB cable, HDMI cable, Cleaning Cloth, Wire Clip, and Charger
• It is compatible with Mavic Pro, Inspire series and Phantom 4

What Else Can You Expect From DJI Goggles 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone Accessory?

You will also enjoy in HD Live-streaming video over a short distance, or in case you go a mile or more out; you will get 720p video. Inside the goggles, a massive Full-HD display will provide you fantastic resolution for each eye. The image is extensive, and you will experience like looking at 216-inch LED panel that is three meters away from you.

The great feature is that you will be able to use it to control Mavic Pro. Even though you will not be able to control the entire drone, you can turn the craft with head movements. Head tracking will allow your camera to point the head points so that you can have the convenience but have in mind that pilot with remote control will still fly the craft.

Using this unique VR goggles is the excellent way to enjoy the experience of drone flight. However, law in Canada and the USA forbids this because you will need a direct line-of-sight with the drone. That is why you should give someone else to control it while you enjoy flying.

The design includes a plastic cased unit that features tidbits inside. The headband has metal scrapping that will firmly tension it around your head. The memory foam surrounds the band so that you can enjoy an additional comfort.

Each side of eyewear has a small speaker, which are loud enough to hear almost everything you need. The user interface includes two bottoms at the bottom of the unit such as Back and Function button. The power button is on the side, and you will be able to use different swipe functions to have settings that are more accessible.


• Simple to use and comfortable
• Head tracking feature for additional satisfaction
• Compatible with Mavic Pro
• Full-HD Display resolution for both eyes


• Plastic Casing

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