RITECH RIEM 3 Plus Review: The Perfect and Affordable Google Cardboard Upgrade

Today there are a number of virtual reality headsets allowing you to experience the virtual world with the help of your smartphone. While some aim to deliver the best and most immersive features, others decide to be more flexible in their price. The RITECH RIEM 3 PLUS is how just a couple of small additions can come at an extremely affordable price and deliver the perfect and one of the most affordable google cardboard upgrade.

Price over Quality

With the RITECH RIEM 3 PLUS virtual reality headset you are certainly not going to get an extremely immersive experience, but that’s probably what you could expect from such a low price point. The device has small optical lenses, delivering about a 70-degree viewing angle. However, they are still a great upgrade of the Google Cardboard.

While the plastic design feels cheap, it is nonetheless well-built in quality. Furthermore, this plastic design allows it to be extremely lightweight, weight a bit over 230 grams, ensuring it will not be as tiresome when worn. The Velcro strap is quite flexible and with the IPD-Adjustable lenses you can easily wear and use the VR headset, while wearing glasses. Another great feature of the device is the physical capacitive touch screen button, which makes the device easy-to-use with Android VR applications.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the device is its silicon suction-cup technology used to hold your smartphone in place. To actually use the headset, you’d have to adjust your smartphone multiple times and depending on its back surface, it might not stick properly. Nonetheless, this can easily be overcome with the help of a silicon or plastic back case for your smartphone that will help you stick to the silicon suction-cups of the RITECH RIEM 3 PLUS more easily.

Features and Specifications

  • High-Definition Optical Lenses
  • Suitable for 3.5-6 inch Screen Smartphone
  • 70-Degree Viewing Angle
  • Physical Capacitive Touch Screen Button
  • Designed for VR and Augmented Reality


  • Has a Capacitive Touch Button
  • The Plastic Design is extremely lightweight, at only 230 grams
  • Decent Lenses giving a 70-degrees viewing angle
  • Flexible Velcro Strap
  • Easy to Wear With Glasses
  • IPD-Adjustable Lenses
  • Extremely Affordable Price


  • The Silicon Suction Cups Design Does fails to hold on different types of smartphone backs
  • The Silicon Suction Cups Design also needs a lot of adjustments to achieve better immersion
  • Has a Cheap-Quality Plastic Feel of the overall structure and design

The RITECH RIEM 3 PLUS is a perfect virtual reality headset for those who would like to try out virtual reality, but don’t have a budget that’s big enough. The slight drawbacks don’t really ruin the overall VR experience and for its price, the VR headset definitely delivers a unique virtual reality experience and enough features to make it an extremely worthy to buy device.

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