Merge VR Headset: An Advanced Solution for the Virtual Reality Smartphone Enthusiasts

Google Cardboard is a fun way to experience virtual reality with the help of your smartphone. However, if you are truly into Virtual Reality, you’d definitely want to check out something more advanced, such as the Merge VR headset. Providing you with everything you’d need from a Google Cardboard upgrade, the Merge virtual reality headset is a comprehensive and comfortable tool with which you can truly turn your smartphone into the complete Virtual Reality experience package.

Simplicity and Ingenuity

The team at Merge VR has definitely managed to complete the task of making a Google Cardboard upgrade and they managed to do so in a stylish manner. The Merge VR headset has an amazing and innovative flexible foam design that makes it extremely durable. Furthermore, the device features two straps, which make it very comfortable to wear. While with the Google Cardboard you are not able to adjust your lenses, with the Merge VR you are able to do that, providing you with more visual precision and a greater, more immersive virtual reality experience.

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Another great feature of the innovative foam design of the Merge VR is its anti-fog ventilation system, which let the device be pressured on your face, without you having to experience any discomfort or fogginess, while earning it. Furthermore, the device has two buttons that give you advanced options for interaction within virtual reality applications on your smartphone. The other great design features of the Merge VR are the camera access for augmented reality and the audio ports, which let you easily plug-in headphones to your smartphone.

Furthermore, made by the flexible foam they are made of, the Merge VR can easily be cleaned and washed, making it perfect for sharing among family members or friends. Also, the flexible design make the headset easy to transport around, perfect for those who want an on-the-go VR experience.

Features and Specifications

  • Flexible Foam Body
  • Dual Input Buttons
  • Camera Access for Augmented Reality
  • Audio Ports
  • Anti-Fog Ventilation
  • Adjustable, Custom Lenses


  • Extremely Comfortable Design
  • Easy to Clean and Share with Friends
  • Innovative Double-Button Input Design
  • Adjustable Lenses
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Straps


  • Slightly Higher Price
  • Not Fully Compatible with 6-inch Smartphones
  • Average Field of View

One of the slight drawbacks of the device is its price. Compared to other virtual reality headsets, the Merge VR comes at a rather higher price, but it nonetheless provides and delivers on its promises. Those who want an extremely customizable VR headset at an affordable price, won’t get it with the Merge VR. However, if you’d like a VR headset that not only provides you with an immersive experience, but is also extremely flexible, durable and comfortable, then the Merge VR is definitely for you. With the headset, you’d be easily be able to share the VR experience with your friends. Simply toss it in your backpack, go out and experience VR in a whole new way.

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