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Magicoo 3D Virtual Reality Headset: The Truly Magical Smartphone 3D VR Glassess

Turning your smartphone into a hardcore Virtual Reality platform is now easier than ever before. There are over a dozen of different 3D VR Glasses headsets you can use that are compatible with a number of smart devices, to enjoy virtual reality. However, this results in another issue. With the huge diversity of VR headsets available, it’s hard to choose one that will be most suitable for you.

Last update was on: April 18, 2021 10:41 pm

A Great Virtual Reality Headset Choice

The Magicoo 3D Virtual Reality Headset is one of the most affordable choices currently on the market. A great alternative to the Google Cardboard, the headset is able to turn almost any smartphone, including the latest iPhone and Android devices, into a virtual reality device. What’s great about the headset is the number of features it provides for its affordable price.

The 3D VR Glasses headset provides with 3 straps for extremely comfortable fit, as well as focus pupil and object distance adjustments that allow glass wearers to fully enjoy the immersive device. Furthermore, the design provides little pressure to the nose bridge and eyelids, alleviating most feelings of face fatigue.

Diverse Smartphone Compatibility

Another amazing feature that makes the Magicoo 3D Virtual Reality Headset a great alternative to the Google Cardboard is its huge list of supported devices. With it, you are able to turn over 300 iOS and Android devices into virtual reality machines.

Magicoo 3D Virtual Reality Headset specifications

Magicoo 3D Vr Headset price

Nonetheless, the device still has a few drawbacks. For example, the small suction cup technology used to keep your smartphone in place takes a little tweaking to get used to. First, you’d need a smartphone or a case that has a flat surface. Furthermore, you’d need to adjust your device manually, in order to achieve the best immersive experience. However, these issues can easily be fixed and having in mind the device’s affordable price, they are not really a deal breaker.

Features and Specifications

  • High-Quality 8-Layer Nano-Coating Lenses
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Compatible with 3.5-6.0-inch Smartphones
  • Focus Pupil and Object Distance Adjustable
  • Comfortable and Convenient


  • Extremely Comfortable Design Fit
  • Decent Lens Immersion
  • A nice Array of Adjustable Features


  • Issues with Suction-Cup Device-Holding Technology
  • Requires Manual smartphone Adjustments to achieve maximum immersion

The Magicoo 3D Virtual Reality Headset is certainly not the perfect 3D VR Glasses headset on the market. However, for its highly affordable price it provides all the features that one would need in order to achieve a fully immersive VR experience, including lens adjustments, device compatibility and more.

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