iDudu VR: A Multi-Functional VR Headset

There are a number of great and affordable Virtual Reality headsets for your smartphone on the market, but how do you choose the best one? The answer is simple – you look for quality and functionality. And if we consider those two things, the best VR smartphone headset on the market, might very well be the iDudu VR headset.

A Multitude of Features

The iDudu VR headset provides you with pretty much anything you would expect from a smartphone VR headset. It has a transparent back, so you can use your phone’s camera for augmented reality apps and it also has a tactile button for in-app interactivity. However, the iDudu VR headset goes above and beyond by providing you with a number of amazing additional features that make your virtual reality experience that more immersive.

With a 120-degree lens viewing angle and a diopter adjustment knob, so you don’t have to wear glasses with it, the iDudu headset provides you with a great viewing experience. Furthermore, it has a knob for lens adjustment for greater precision. Visually perfect, the VR headset also provides you with built-in headphones that are not only comfortable, but also have great sound output. To top it all off, the headset has three adjustable straps that comfortably fit any head size and provide further support of the device, so you won’t get all the weight of the headset on your face and nose, tiring your head further.

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The smartphone easily slides into the holding compartment of the iDudu VR headset. There it is held in place with the help of a strong clip that attaches it to the device. Furthermore, the headset is made from a hardened plastic and feels extremely durable, which is usually not the case with headsets from the same price range. Probably, the biggest design flaw of the device is that the built-in headphones sometimes limit the adjustment on the device and might be uncomfortable at times. Nonetheless, they are a great addition, especially having in mind the fact that the headphones make the iDudu VR a complete virtual reality experience device.

Features and Specifications

  • 42mm Lenses for full immersive VR
  • Adjustable Pupil Distance and Focal Distance at a range of 58mm – 68mm
  • Three adjustable straps
  • Built-in Stretchable Earphones
  • Compatibility with 4-6.2 inch smartphones
  • Two buttons for Visual Adjustment
  • One Button for In-App Interactivity


  • Great 120-degree Immersive Viewing Angle
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Amazing Visual Adjustment Options


  • The Built-In Earphones Are not of Superb Quality
  • The Built-In Earphones Also Limit the Customizability of the VR Headset

The iDudu VR headset provides you with more than enough for its price. Not only does the device provide you with an immersive visual virtual reality experience, but it also adds to your comfort with its adjustable knobs and straps. While the headphones are not exactly perfect and might limit the customizability of the device, they are nonetheless a great addition to the device. Furthermore, the stability of the whole build of the devices, makes it a perfect choice for anyone who’d like to get a decent Google Cardboard upgrade for an affordable price.

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