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Awesomeness Redefined Review Of 3D VR Glasses Sarlar™

Irrespective of whether you are just a casual customer searching for some cool digital gears or a hard core techno geek, Sarlar 3D Virtual Reality headset will satiate your digital-thirst for sure. VR headset is one of the hottest technologies of this millennium and leading gadget manufacturers from all over the world are flooding the market with their offerings. Not many of these devices are up to the mark and they fail to give you the real-time feel. However, Sarlar™ 3d VR has proved to be a game changer.

Last update was on: April 18, 2021 10:42 pm

It is high time to ditch your regular 3d glasses and experience true 3D with Sarlar™ 3d VR. Explore the world of fantasy or watch your favorite movies on the Sarlar™ 3d VR because it delivers simplified yet high-quality 3D viewing.

Thus VR device has one of the best specifications in the market. Just have a look and you will know why we are going crazy about it. Priced under $20 for a piece, no other device can beat it when it comes to features at such low price.


Product Features

  • SIZE: 194*117*127mm
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Material used: ABS+ environmental polycarbonate
  • Supported Platforms: Android, IOS, Microsoft
  • Lens: Aspherical and anti-distortion
  • FOV: 102 degree

Who said that only complicated technology wins the race?

Well, this myth has been debunked big time by Sarlar™ 3d VR as you really experience a hassle-free viewing. All you need to do is tuck in your phone inside the headset and start watching pre-loaded movies or other videos. You will need to adjust the pupil and focal settings for getting the desired 3D image. If you don’t wish to strain your eyes, you will have to make those initial adjustments.

People might feel that our opinion of the Sarlar™ 3d VR is a little biased. Well, the fact is that we are always a little biased to products that offer real value for money. That doesn’t mean we will be ignoring the downsides. No product is perfect because there is always a better one waiting to come out of the factories. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Sarlar™ 3d VR.


  • Sarlar™ 3d VR is extremely light on your eyes and Nose Bridge. Extra cushioning around the headset offers ultimate luxury. You will never feel the weight of such a high performance while spending hours watching movies.
  • Experience panoramic view with immersive FOV102, whilst the screen gets magnified by 5.2 times.
  • Largest phones don’t require special adjustments for the middle line that often accompanies double screens.
  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile phones


  • Found it hard to focus on the virtual text or objects on a few Google Cardboard apps. This problem is caused more due to the apps rather than the viewing device.
  • Touching the screen is not easy and some apps that might need you to touch the screen from time to time can be tad irritating.
  • The padding around the glasses doesn’t feel to be of good quality and these might not last long.

The downsides of Sarlar™ 3d VR are not glaringly big enough to overshadow the great performance it delivers. Go get one and relive your favorite movies in a completely new way!

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