Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Motion Controller Review

We all know that VR tech is too expensive, however, in the last few months; various cheap VR products entered the market. The same thing goes for Acer Windows Mixed Reality headsets that will provide the similar VR experience to general population.

However, this particular headset includes mixed reality perspective. What is mixed reality? It is term that combines physical objects in your surroundings with virtual objects. Of course, there are differences between VR and MVR because MVR uses the environment around you and translates it into virtual reality.

Last update was on: April 30, 2021 5:03 pm

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Features:

• Display size is 2.89 x 2-inches
• Resolution 2880 x 1440
• Refresh rate 90Hz
• Includes HDMI 2.0
• 100-degrees Field Of View
• Gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer as tracking sensors
• Tracking B+W VGA Camera
• USB 3.0, HDMI and cable length is 13-feet

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Comfortable Experience Of Mixed Virtual Reality Headsets

Acer’s headset is quite lightweight and comfortable and it snaps nicely without any additional problem. Even if you wear glasses, it will still provide you comfort thanks to roomy interior, which is much better than Oculus VR headset. On the other hand, the construction feels cheap, especially when compared with other VR headsets on the market.
The controllers are practical, and you will get similar controllers such as Oculus with thumb joystick on the top and circular touchpad where you can use middle and index fingers.

The performance is similar as other Windows 10 competitors. You can pretend that you are in a remote location and enjoy in 360-degree footage. You can also enjoy in mundane stiff such as looking through your emails and browsing the internet. You can also walk inside the Cliff House, which is Microsoft’s mixed reality.

The best thing about them is the possibility to enjoy inconvenience without placing extra sensors around you. It has built-in sensors such as accelerometer, gyro-sensor, proximity sensor and magnetometer. Therefore, you will not notice any issues with tracking. It features 2.9 x 2 LCD displays that will provide you resolution of 1440 x 1440 for each eye. The maximum refresh rate is 90 Hz, which will drop to 60Hz in case that you use it with machine that has equipped graphics.

The minimum specification requirements are at least 8GB of DDR3 memory, Nvidia GeForce GTX960M or Intel HD Graphics 620 chip as well as Intel Core i5-7200U processor. It features USB 3 cables and HDMI cable, which means that you just have to place batteries inside the motion control and you can start enjoying.

In overall, the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headsets are great effort to enjoy an affordable VR headset that will provide you the similar experience as high-end models.


• Simple to setup when compared with other mixed reality headsets
• Affordable price tag for everyone who wants to try the VR headset experience
• It doesn’t require high hardware requirements as other VR headsets


• It lacks software lineup that you can use it with it

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